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Regenerative Medicine


At NuVation Pain Group, Dr. Lim offers the latest and cutting edge modalities in regenerative and restorative therapy including prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma. Also offered are modalities rich in mesenchymal stem cells such as Lipoaspirate, Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentration, Cord Blood, Amniopluropotent Cells, and others.


Dr. Lim was fortunate to treat our US Soldiers with these modalities after deployments and saw amazing regeneration of injuries that steroids could not provide. Not everyone is a candidate and it is not the panacea, but as research and experience continues to expand and grow, more and more suffering patients will benefit from regenerative medicine. He has consulted with professional basketball and football teams and physicians on best practices and injection techniques with this regenerative therapy. Dr. Lim uses ultrasound and fluoroscopic techniques to maximize best placement and best outcomes from each injection, unlike many of those who advertise or offer this modality. Don’t just trust anybody, but turn to someone who knows and has experience using the latest techniques.


Dr. Lim has been on the cutting edge of progressive medicine, managing 20-30 injections per week. To learn whether you’re a good candidate, schedule an appointment online or call one of the Southern California offices in Buena Park or Downtown Los Angeles today. Dr. Lim proudly serves the surrounding areas of Fullerton, Anaheim, and the greater areas of Orange County, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

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