Seoung Rock K. – Submitted 02/27/20

Dr. has listened to my history of pain and tried to do the very best treatment fir me.

Jane K. – Submitted 02/13/20

Excellent service

Dyna C. – Submitted 02/05/20

Very profesional works on my care needed. I am impressed. Thank you.

Corrine G. – Submitted 01/31/20

always soo nice and makes me feel like I am heard and taken care of =)

Irene R. – Submitted 01/23/20

Good doctor. Very friend and easy going. Happy person. His staff absolutely great! I recommend him highly and I thank Dr Te for the referral.

Emily B. – Submitted 12/11/19

It was my first visit to Dr. Phillip Lim’s office last month… so clean and really kind and friendly staff…they answered my questions thoughtfully….I need to go there more for my shoulder pain …overall fresh experience….now maybe I can expect many more good stuff thank you

Seoungrock K. – Submitted 10/25/19

Everything was so good.

Michael B. – Submitted 09/28/19

Dr Lim and staff are caring and professional. I only wish you weren’t an hour from home

Jae S. – Submitted 09/09/19


Eugene B. – Submitted 09/05/19

I was having a terrible lower back pain. An MRI disclosed the problem at L3,4 and 5. Dr. Lim ablated the nerves at those locations and I experienced almost immediate pain relief. The pain was not totally eliminated but reduced from a range of 7-9 to 2-4.